3 Girls Catering (then 2 Girls) moved from San Diego to Boise in the summer of 2006 after my sister and I went through some pretty major life changes. I had just had my second child (born with several heart defects and having just recovered from open heart surgery - with flying colors). My sister Lisa had just gotten divorced after 20 years of marriage. We were ready for change. It was time.

Our families had been vacationing in Idaho for ages, at least once a year, to spend time with our middle sister Kris and her family.  We knew the area well.  In fact it didn't make us nervous at all when my niece Rachel came home from school one day and said, "I wanna go to BSU, and when I get in, we're all moving!"  Lisa and I agreed immediately and within a few months we were loaded up and on our way.  Kids, pets, chafing dishes, aprons and all.

With the help of an amazing commercial realtor that I'd found online we inspected vacant {potential} kitchens right away.  The one that seemed the best fit had owners who were locking their doors and taking their client's money without so much as an email or phone call.  

Eager for bookings I pried a tall stack of manila folders from the crying caterer's hands then sat down and called each and every one of those clients to let them know their caterer was long gone...but 3 Girls Catering was ready, willing and able to take on their event.  Some people cried, some screamed and yelled (I just kept apologizing and saying "please don't shoot the messenger!) and some were completely silent, in utter shock I'm sure. With the help of our recent addition, Girl #3 (who will remain nameless) we signed a 5 year lease at a gigantic old kitchen and got right to work. 


It was while talking to these clients and reviewing the menus from the previous caterer that we realized what wonderful potential there was for us here in the Treasure Valley.  These poor brides, event planners, hosts, business professionals and families were hungry for more than just great food.  They wanted a caterer who heard their requests.  They longed for fresh local ingredients, not packaged frozen junk the previous caterer had on the menu.  They wanted a selection of their favorite items (and new ones to try) to share with guests without ending up in the poor house.  They wanted Idaho wine recommendations, help with rentals, staffing...the works!  I reworked each proposal, changing some menus completely and adding our signature "3 Girls flair".  We accommodated those distraught people who were out thousands of dollars, catering their events either at the cost of our ingredients or completely free of charge.  Within a few short months we were catering in every venue in Boise and loving it.  We took the Treasure Valley by storm!

Our philosophy hasn't changed much over our 13 years here in Boise...we will not serve anything that we won't serve to our family.  We source locally first, designing menus around fresh, organic, sustainable ingredients.  We charge what we need to in order to make a reasonable profit without going overboard.  We search high and low for crew members who are hard working and share our love of great food and wine.  We support local farmers, winemakers, entertainers, athletes, musicians and we make it a point to shop at local businesses.  We keep current on food styles and beautiful presentation and WE HAVE FUN.  Oh, and if we make a mistake (I know, I know, we admit it!  We're not perfect) we do our best to make it right.

Well...Girl #3 ran away with the circus and though Lisa and I tried our damndest to find another 3rd girl, it turns out this is not such an easy feat!  Who knew?  Not to worry, we now have upwards of 10 girls (some guys too) and we love our growing business even more now than we did in 2006.

We hope that you give us the opportunity to create your menu, your food and your vision...We really love what we do and it shows.  Besides...IT'S NOT A PARTY WITHOUT 3 GIRLS!

We hope to see you real soon!!  Gretchen, Lisa (and the gang too)