The MOST wonderful time of the year...


Aaaah, who doesn't love the Holidays? It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? That may not be the case if you are the one hosting the company Christmas party this year, if you're lucky enough to live near Winter-Garden-A-Glow & you're expected to entertain the troupes, OR if you are simply the one in the family with the largest dining room - then you can become a stressed out Grinch in no time. That stress should be beginning to hit you right abooooooooout....NOW, the first part of November!

Here's the good news. You don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen for days cooking & preparing, or miss visiting with your favorite friends & family working behind the scenes...just hire 3 Girls Catering! We are happy to make all those side dishes your loved ones have grown to expect & we will carefully roast those time consuming items (turkey, ham, prime rib or whatever your little heart desires).  Just hand over the entire affair to the pros. 

3 Girls Catering will gladly accept any booking of 10 guests or more, any time of year! We offer a selection of choices to fit your event & budget as well.  Try "Full Service Catering", which includes all rentals- tables, chairs, linens, silverware...the works! We will arrive, set up with holiday decor, maintain the buffet or plate your menu selections, serve your guests, clean up, take out the trash & quietly sneak out the back. Or maybe our "Drop Off & Go Services" are the way for you.  This is great for the hostess with the mostess - and it speaks for itself!  Choose from Ready-to-Serve,  where your selections arrive in our dishware & we will deliver everything hot and ready for your table, then we will come back the next day to pick up our equipment; or maybe you'd rather have Disposable Delivery, which allows you to heat & serve your menu choices in your own bakeware, so no one even knows we've been there!  We will do as much or as little as you like.

So don’t let your Holiday Event bring you down this time of year. Embrace it!  Enjoy it!  You got this.  Book 3 Girls Catering, then sit back, relax, & become a guest at your own party.  We cook.  You party!