3 Girls Catering BAKES!

For more than half a decade the gals at 3 Girls Catering have baked & served fluffy pillows of tasty {secret recipe} focaccia. Flavored the gooey dough with endless local ingredients nestled inside or resting atop the yeasty, bubbly, salty canvas.  Better than any loaf.  More flavorful than any roll you've ever had.   It requires no butter.  It eagerly sops up any sauce, gravy or dressing.  It make a fantastic sandwich.  The perfect crouton.  A delicious cracker.   It is the stuff that bakers long to put their name on...and from this focaccia comes 3 Girl's wicked stepchild Bombshell Bakery.  Offering scratch-made Breakfast Breads, Muffins, Cupcakes, Honey-12 Grain Focaccias & Rolls, Cakes & the newly created 12 Grain Bombs (plump bread dough bombs in cupcake form filled with anything you can dream up!)  Call and order for your next event.  For your deli or restaurant.  You will be so glad you did!  (208) 995-5312