Watermelon Seed Roundup? AAAAAAAWESOME!!

The Great Earthly Delights Farm 
Earthly Delights Farm has created a WATERMELON SEED ROUNDUP!  It's genius, and what the Treasure Valley is all about...

Earthly Delights says,

"We’ve sent you home with a watermelon only because you’ve agreed to return the seeds to us for next year’s crops! Thank you for participating in our local seed sovereignty movement! This variety is Blacktail Mountain, bred in Northern Idaho! 
Here’s how to save ‘em:

  1. EAT YOUR WATERMELON! Spit the seeds into a jar.
  2. DECANT: Fill the jar with water. The mature seeds will sink and the immature seeds and bits of pulp will float. Pour off the immature seeds and pulp. Repeat several times if necessary to get clean seed at the bottom of the jar.
  3. DRY: Dump the seeds into a strainer, then onto a plate (don’t use paper—the seeds will stick!). Stir them every so often so they dry evenly. Once they’re dry, bring them back to the farm! (Keep a few seeds for your own garden if you want! They will grow true, because we’ve properly isolated them from other varieties!)


Visit http://www.earthlydelightsfarm.com/ for more information 



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