What's the best way to celebrate the tomato? Bloody Mary tasting with the Tomato Independence Project

We had a great time at Franz Witte for Tomato Tuesday's Bloody Mary Challenge! We were up against some pretty stiff competition from Bardenay and The Modern...


We oven roasted, simmered, puréed and froze our local organic tomato mix - blended with chipotles, garlic, Arubas & jalapeños, lemon, red onions, cucumbers and lots of cracked pepper. The frozen blocks were then chipped into manageable chunks and bagged up to head out on open the road.

Our Bardenay vodka was pepper steeped (jalapeños & scotch bonnets) w oranges, lemons & cilantro for about 7 days...

Here's our vodka, running low!

Here's our vodka, running low!

Now if that wasn't enough we tossed it all in a blender and poured it into a glass rimmed with our world famous dill pickle salt.

But wait!! There's more...we garnished our Fria Maria w a cheddar-cream cheese stuffed jalapeño popper wrapped in prosciutto!! Cheers

Gretchen Talbert