About 3Girls...

In the summer of 2006 sisters Lisa & Gretchen left Southern California for the Treasure Valley & 3 Girls Catering was born, named after the three close-knit sisters in their family.  3Gs has always been about their love of gathering with family & friends, celebrating life through food with fresh local ingredients, big bold flavors & gorgeous presentation.  Food trends may come & go, but 3Gs philosophy has never waivered.  They'll serve no food to their clients that they wouldn't be proud to serve to their own family & friends.

In August of 2021 Chef Sara Trapp joined 3 Girls, & it didn't take long for her to emerge as the leader of 3G's culinary team.  Two years later Sara decided to stay permanently, so she became Executive Chef + a partner so she is now an owner of the company, making her officially the third girl!

Today it takes a lot more than three girls to care for all the events on their busy schedule, so they've surrounded themselves with talented, like-minded women (+ a few men too) who really know their way around the kitchen.  They sure work hard, but somehow they manage to have tons of fun too!

If you think you've got what it takes to be part of the 3Gs family, we'd love to hear from you.  We're always looking for more people just like us.  Send us your resume with an email today, & be sure to include: 3 things you're grateful for, your 3 favorite dishes to prepare and what memories they stir & where you see yourself in 3 years.  Ya know good things always come in 3s :)